Saturday, January 31, 2009

Adam Buker: "Music is my religion, Objectivism is my philosophy."

 I'd like to highlight a musician/composer named Adam Buker.  As he says of himself elsewhere, "Music is my religion, Objectivism is my philosophy." What else? According to his bio at
At the age of thirteen, Adam began studying classical piano with Robert Evans. Evans taught Adam an appreciation of classical music that has deeply influenced his style of composition. Two years later, Adam began further study with IIia RadosIovav which continued until his graduation from Trico High School in 2002.

Adam attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale though financial and personal circumstances prevented him from completing his degree program. He has studied piano with Dr. Wilfred Delphin and later with Sandra Wright-Shen. He has scored five student films and is currently working on orchestrating a large number of his piano compositions. Adam currently lives in Springfield, MO.
  Ok, so what does that have to do with the price of eggs? Well, Mr. Buker has finally decided to offer his two cents into the discussion of philosophy and estethic theory after all this time and my badgering him to do so on an older forum. Better late than never! And he's uploaded his first introductory podcast on youtube to begin his sojourn into this dangerous territory. He's already proven himself as a composer, so I have high hopes for his podcast. And do stop by his site for a listen to his music.

 Shine on, Adam!

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