Thursday, November 19, 2009

Orpheus Remembered: The Objectivist/Music Debates

First order of business is to incorporate my blog Orpheus Remembered, a blog dedicated to the the musical debates of the Objectivist persuasion. (That was fast! Already archived here under their original publish dates.) That blog was started as a personal labor of love, being that I am a musician myself. It covered everything from Rand's formulations on music, her questionable comments on Beethoven, the debates of rock music versus classical versus jazz and the speculations on those who love and loathe such genres, as well as my own speculations on the future of music. I pretty much concluded that blog months ago, taking it as far as I could, though I have one more post to add, if I ever get around to it...anyway, the posts will be here, as well, so that the full fury of the musical invective can live on...

(Some of these archived posts may appear a bit hinky because of the format used on the old blog. I'll try to fix these as I go along.)

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