Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Empire of the Sun by Spaceplayer (me)

EMPIRE OF THE SUN, by Spaceplayer. Written and performed by Joe Maurone.

...A musical depiction of the lone cowboy riding off into the sunset, merged with the Plato's allegory of the cave, and the flight of Phaethon.

A brief libretto: The "space cowboy" rejects the darkness and fake shadows on the cave walls, and ventures out, discovering the real sun. He runs back to share his discovery; but an eclipse, at that very moment, blots out the sun. He is shunned because of this, but knowing what he saw, sets out to find it again...alone, in the darkness of space, he begins to go crazy with doubt, the absence of light sending him into hallucinations of star death...only the spark of the memory of the sun offers solace...with that spark, he carries on the to light of Hyperion, and sets the controls the heart of the sunrise...

What does he find? Well, ever wonder why cowboys ride off into the sunset and never come back?

Shine on...

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