Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Problem with Palin...

Well, I have a problem with all politicians, really...but since she's a potential presidential frontrunner, and because some other Objectivish people are hailing her as "one of us" (meaning Objectivist-friendly), she deserves extra consideration. Sure, she comes off as dumb ("I can see Russia from my house.") But what makes it even worse are those "gosh darn dontcha know" Fargo-isms of hers. Is that supposed to give her appeal to "the average" American? Since politicans are nothing but actors anyway, Ayn Rand's advice on characterization of fictional characters should apply doubly to politicians:
Do not attempt to "humanize" the characters–to make them more conventional or nearer to the average....If you make the people average–you'll make the events preposterous. None of it then could or would be believed.

Do not attempt to "humanize" the dialogue. When people suggest that to you they do not really mean "human"–they mean the phony, cheap, grotesque Hollywood version of what is supposed to be "human"–the would-be truck driver manner of self-consciously illiterate talking (which no real truck driver ever uses)...the pseudo-slang–the artificially inarticulate–the coyly bad grammar. The public has never accepted that as human. People everywhere refer to that sort of thing as "Aw, that's just Hollywood." And they mean the worst of Hollywood.

Well, gosh-darnit, that sounds like Sarah Palin, dontcha know?

Besides, as Rand has pointed out, "the common man in America is most uncommon." Or, at least, he used to be...

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