Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Whip of the Week: "This Civil War, From Hot to Cold..."

Since Billy Beck seems to be taken a well-deserved vacation from blogging the "endarkenment", I'm taking it upon myself to document "the whip of the week." From Malone Vandam's New Paltz Journal:

It could be a sniveling weasel like E.J. Dionne…

running his rotten mouth like this that is the spark that moves this civil war from cold to hot.

Just the pure goggle-eyed violent stupidity of it could be the tinder of insurrection. The proverbial final straw.

This was in response to Dionne's comment:

In a normal democracy, such majorities would work their will, a law would pass, and champagne corks would pop. But everyone must get it through their heads that thanks to the bizarre habits of the Senate, we are no longer a normal democracy.

"Normal democracy." If you're not historically-aware enough to imagine the likes of a Caeser, Napoleon, or Hitler in response to this quote (and you SHOULD be), maybe a Star Wars comparison will jolt your memory, as Chancellor Palpatine used such an argument to gain control of the Senate and the Empire. If there is any shred of understanding of the loss of freedom in this country, this civil war could and should move from cold to hot. Otherwise, if this health care vote passes, we'll be quoting Queen Amidala: “This is how liberty dies – to thunderous applause.”

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