Thursday, January 21, 2010

An "Aryan" Ayn Rand?

James Valliant, during the Goddess of the Market symposium at SOLO, comments on comments about the "Aryan" Ayn Rand:

"The whole issue of Rand and race raised here is truly misplaced in my view...The ideas in her work intentionally cross ethnic barriers, but only so far as to not create still another issue which would need detailed attention and follow-up. Most importantly, her philosophy screams its opposition to racism in a hundred ways.

"Nor was Rand a "self-hating Jew" by failing to include an "ethnic" element from her own context. She would assert her "Jewishness" to the bigot, as Isabel Paterson herself learned, and her support for Israel was hardly shy.

"Before Betty Friedan's Feminine Mystique, in the 1950s, no less, Rand was creating a female action-adventure hero in Dagny, as well as a competent corporate executive, flying her plane through electric screens and wielding a gun to free the hero from torture and death...

"Again, I must wonder: is it because Rand was a woman that she is subjected to criticisms none of her contemporaries are ever subjected to? (i.e. their love lives, etc.?)

"In any case, Rand's work is as trans-ethnic and trans-racial in its inspiration and intent as can be imagined, especially given their temporal context."


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