Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Frank Zappa: "I'm Happy to Be an American..."

An interview with Frank Zappa, where he proudly proclaims that he's "happy to be an American, and I have nothing to do with Ronald Reagan." But this ain't no socialist soap-box; Zappa's pro-capitalist, pro-freedom, and pro-individualism. He's not perfect, but a valuable counter-culture of his own...

• "I'm interested in the capitalistic way of life, and the reason I like it better than anything else I've seen so far is because competition produces results. Every socialistic type of government where the State theoretically owns everything, and everybody does their little part to help the State, inevitably produces bad art, it produces social inertia, it produces really unhappy people, and it is more repressive than any other kind of government." -Frank Zappa

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