Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Blame it on the dog..."

After the revelation that is the "systemic failure" of the TSA, someone has to take the fall. In Philadelphia ("The City that Stabs You Back"), it's man's best friend falling on the sword:


Dogs Couldn't Distinguish Scents of Explosive Materials

Several TSA security dogs serving at Philadelphia International Airport have been removed from active service due to issues with their training, officials said Tuesday.

Sources say three dogs were unable to pass the annual certification tests, but TSA officials refused to release an exact number. They said there were still canines serving at the airport noting that the TSA has 700 dog teams in 85 airports around the nation.

The affected dogs have been undergoing an intensive rehab training program since the failure, but they remain on-duty to act as visual deterrents, officials said. Philadelphia Police K-9 units are not affected and still being used at the airport.

So, in other words, the dogs have been downgraded to rent-a-cop status?

Still, visual deterrents are not the purpose the dogs are there to serve, terrorism expert Ed Turzanski says.

"These dogs are not ornamental. They're there for a specific purpose," he said. "If the purpose isn't being served, you have to move quickly to compensate for whatever the deficit is."

Oh, ok then...With that said, you gotta love this pic that ran with the story. Guess that's what happens when you lie down with dogs...Well, I guess we have our sequel to Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

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