Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Long Haired Freaky Children Need Not Apply?

4-Year-Old Boy Suspended From School for Months Because His Hair Is 'Too Long'

"First the facts. This kid is 4-years old. Four! He's in pre-kindergarten. His name is Taylor Pugh but he prefers the nickname Tater Tot. Do you not love him already?! All he wants to do is go back to the classroom and be with his friends. But he has been suspended since November because his hair is considered too long by his public school (which is Floyd Elementary School in suburban Dallas). His hair, by the way, barely touches his shoulders. From what I can tell, it's also clean and brushed.

"So what's the problem? Apparently his hair violates school district dress code. Why on earth a 4-year-old has a dress code, I don't know. I would think if you’re dealing with a bunch of kids that young, you’d pretty much just hope they show up with their shoes still on. But on further review, the school district seems to have lots of ridiculous dress restrictions. And there are some that just drive me nuts. For instance, girls can have piercings, boys cannot. Girls can have long hair, boys cannot."

This is a public school, mind you. This means that the government thinks it can dictate your appearance. Fascists. I haven't had long hair since 1994, I just got tired of it. But I'm tempted to grow it back, just to make the point. PEOPLE: YOUR GOVERNMENT IS OUT OF CONTROL (has been for years.)

Oh, and to the lawyer on Fox Philly's "Five Spot," crying "think of the children": Prosecute this:


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