Friday, January 1, 2010

Perigo's Paradox

Lindsay Perigo, demonstrating his usual hubris: "None of you is confronting the fact that it's revolt time. I've fixed the document of revolt, if I may be so immodest, so that the revolt might endure this time—but none of you has read it."

What, this? SOLO-International Op-Ed: A Second Declaration of Independence. Oh, I've read it. Let me read you this:
Article VII - No Compulsory Taxation

The government shall extract no compulsory tax or involuntary contribution of any kind from any citizen for any purpose whatsoever.
Look what else I've read:

Lindsay Perigo's picture
...And, to give Sharon a wet dream, I have no problem with compulsory taxation to fund government's legitimate functions. Or at least, with deferring the issue.
Yeah, I read you, Perigo...

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