Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stossel Shrugged

Yes, I'm glad the rest of the class has finally started to catch up, but as one of the kids who liked to skip ahead in my schoolbook, it was a non-event for me. Yes, Yaron Brook did an admirable job of answering the hostile questions. But all I could think of was how Ayn Rand was certainly "in the right" on her infamous Donahue appearance (and she didn't even lunge at the poor girl, contra Barbara Branden.) Anyway, I'm glad it's being discussed, but the show's format made it no better than a YouTube flame war. And I really didn't need the fish pedicure demo; talk about "jumping the shark." I can be a funny guy, but this is too important to be trivialized in that manner. A non-event for me.

"While they're reading Nietzsche, I'll be watching Don Ameche." –Anton LaVey

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