Sunday, March 14, 2010

Perigo's Paradox Redux: "Forward He Cried, From the Rear..."

"'Forward!' he cried from the rear/
and the front rank died/
The General sat/
and the Lines on the map/
moved from side to side..."
–Pink Floyd, "Us and Them"

It seems that Lindsay Perigo, with his admonition to "say what you mean and mean what you say," thinks that will keep people from reading between the lines. In response to "Perigo's Paradox", he writes:
Seems I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. Yes, coercion will be with us for the foreseeable future. But that's no reason to capitulate to it. One should assault it at every turn, and its intellectual foundations in particular, and promote a concerted reduction and reversal of it.

Oh, Linz, you're damned, alright. It's not even my time of the month, and it ain't "LDS." The issue is clear to anyone who's been following...but I suppose I can take a moment to spell it out for those who still might not "get it"... consider it a "charity refutation."

I expected as much, not only his answer, but his smoke screen. When he says that he has "no problem with compulsory taxation to fund government's legitimate functions. Or at least, with deferring the issue," he has the words of Ayn Rand herself to hide behind. Rand herself advocated a "gradual" abolishment of compulsory taxation, as described in her essay "Government Financing in a Free Society." She did not condemn others for not martyring themselves, admitting that she herself paid her taxes because "they are taken from me at gunpoint."

What Perigo wants to hide, of course, are his implications.

Rand, to her credit, and despite the smears about her being a "cult leader," never played "Charles Manson," expecting her "family" to carry out her orders; for example, when asked her advice for someone facing the draft, her response was that "(m)orally, nobody can advise a man on a choice of that kind. It's up to him. Legally, it is forbidden to advocate or disobeying the draft. Therefore, I cannot answer."

Contrast that to Perigo's Paradox: As he says earlier, "None of you is confronting the fact that it's revolt time. I've fixed the document of revolt, if I may be so immodest, so that the revolt might endure this time—but none of you has read it. All any of you propose to do is keep sitting with your thumbs up your asses...This revolution requires passionate valuers. Ain't many around Objectivism, dammit." Yet, as I previously quoted, he has no problem with deferring the issue...

In other words, as a self-appointed leader, he doesn't have to put himself on the front line, but he'll excoriate you for not making a martyr of yourself.... Evidence? See here. But of course, he rationalizes that away as well...what happened to "say what you mean and mean what you say?"

Ya know, for a long time now, when I read Perigo, I've been reminded of a line from a Genesis song, "The Knife": "Some of you are going to die/Martyrs, of course, to the freedoms that I shall provide."

Yeah, I read you, Perigo...

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