Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And Speaking of Schisms...

Diana says "relax."

I didn't even think about how the effect Peikoff's podcast on the Mosque might affect
OCON, but Diana Hsieh
has, as she urges everyone to "Take a Deep Breath":

I would hate to see OCON marred by unpleasant sniping, belligerence, or worse. OCON should be nothing but wonderfully fabulous delightful enjoyment. That's what I aim to make it for myself. Personally, I don't want to hear any sniping about this debate, nor hear any reports about sniping. Instead, I hope that people who dislike and disrespect each other can politely avoid the other without undue fuss -- and avoid bitter chatter about each other too. That's what I aim to do. If I falter in that, I hope that my friends will gently correct me.

...I respect Leonard Peikoff hugely, despite this disagreement. He's an honorable man in my book, whatever his anger toward people who hold my views. He cares about the future of this country deeply -- and he's fought for decades to save it. He deserves better than to be casually dismissed, as if he's not thought about his views, even if you think his position utterly wrong. If I can keep that context -- even though I'm deeply, personally hurt by some of his remarks in his podcast and distressed by the unjust attacks on me by some people unleashed as a result -- then you can too. Please, make an effort.
"Judge...and prepare to be judged..." But some are to be prepared more than others? "He deserves better than to be casually dismissed, as if he's not thought about his views?" I'm sorry, but when Peikoff says, about people he doesn't even know, that
"If you can even conceive of that as justified because of "property rights," then I say you haven't a clue what property rights or individualism or Objectivism is saying..."

...all I can say is "Pot. Kettle. Black."

Hrmm...deep breaths, indeed...Just don't hold it for too long...

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