Monday, June 28, 2010

Peikoff's Revenge...

Just when you thought the fatwa days were over...a new schism emerges...

Leonard Peikoff, circa 6/21/2010:

"This is not the Catholic Church, Objectivism is not a dogma, and I am not the Pope! "

Leonard Peikoff, circa 6/27/2010:
"If you can even conceive of that as justified because of "property rights," then I say you haven't a clue what property rights or individualism or Objectivism is saying, because what permitting that amounts to is "roll over, kick me, kill me, I have nothing to say."

What's it all about this time? Check this out (transcript here). Where can I even begin? There's so much to say about this one...Anyway, here's a Whitman's sampler of the new out for the nougat...

Trey Givens: "On the NYC Mosque"

James Valliant's anti-mosque arguments (At Noodlefood).

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