Saturday, July 3, 2010

From Peikoff to Perigo: Two Peas in a Pod?

Not to be outdone by "Peikoff's Revenge," Lindsay Perigo makes the "play of the day"...

After Lindsay Perigo
shocked his readership in late May by having dinner with "anti-Objectivists," he goes on the defensive for being accused of "betraying Solo," all while reiterating his view on "open debate." Relevant quotes include:

"Second, again I must inform you, I don't require a permission slip from you or anyone as to whom I associate with. Nor do I have to tell you whether I "deloused" or not."

"Third, I say for the zillionth time: ours is a battle of ideas. I personally engage in this battle in one form or another (including the campaign against quacking) every waking hour of every day of my life."

"In all, I was reassured that the SOLO approach toward dissent from Objectivism of "bring it on" is the right one."

Forward to
July 3. A regular SOLO poster commented about a discussion at a site called Objectivism Online:

Leonid: "I'm currently participating in very interested discussion about meaning of life on Objectivism on Line. This is my recent posts. You are more than welcome to join."

To which Perigo replied:

Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2010-07-03 11:28.
I'm really not amused by folk posting here about great discussions on other pseudo-Objectivist (intrinsicist or subjectivist) sites when such sites are run by avowed enemies of Objectivism. If Leonid is truly sanctioning O-Lying by posting there then I don't know how to begin to express my disgust...

...In the meantime, the truth matters above all else!

(To which "Leonid"
replied, noting that Perigo has confused Objectivism Online with Objectivist Living:)
Submitted by Leonid on Sat, 2010-07-03 14:08.
I fight evil wherever I find it. I fought Adonis and Kelly on Objectivist living site as I fought many others like them on this site. Incidentally I don't post anymore on Objectivist living since I've been moderated and banned. However I don't really understand what you have against "Objectivism on Line"? Truth, they are a bit dull and sometimes a bit dogmatic but one can conduct meaningful and fruitful conversation over there.

I understand your revulsion of randroids. So what caused you to become as one of them? Should I sign The SOLO PLEDGE in order to post on your site? And what made you to assume that I'm pre-moral?

There it is. Draw your own conclusions...But I reiterate, once again:

"Leadership is obliged to justify itself daily."

–Isabel Paterson, God of the Machine

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