Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Because it is STILL a sin to write this..."

How do you know that Objectivism isn’t winning? Because, as I was reminded today, “it is STILL a sin to write this…”

So, I’ve already told you about Spiderman and Captain America meeting Obama, how Captain America and the Falcon took on those "racist Tea Party terrorists", and how Philadelphia comic book store Brave New Worlds honors the “Birthplace of Liberty” by selling Communist flag t-shirts. ("Brave New World", indeed...) So I wasn’t surprised when, during trip to Fat Jacks comics (also in Philly), as I picked up the new Anthem graphic novel, based on the novella by Ayn Rand, the clerk who replaced the empty spot with another copy said to the other clerk that Rand’s work was a “scary philosophy” that only appealed to teenagers (yes, this was said by a comic book store clerk.) The poor guy…yeah, I guess Rand is scary, with all that talk about individuality, reason, non-initiation of force and freedom; I’m sure it’s much more comforting to climb back into the womb of Mother Russia, and much more acceptable than "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" (because now it is a sin to write that, too...)

The clerk didn’t surprise me (welcome to the Endarkenment). No, to me, it was an ironic reminder of Anthem’s prescient opening line: “It is a sin to write this.” Meanwhile, Brave New Worlds still sells the commie-t’s (for when your brown shirts are in the wash, I guess), while the latest issue of Ultimate Captain America (#4) has the hero finally defeat his Tea-Party parallel (while telling the kiddies to “don’t grow up to be terrorists.")

As for the graphic novel itself, it’s simply an illustrated version of Anthem, illustrated by Charles Santino. If you’re a Rand newbie, or a fan of comics in general, pick it up before they’re gone. For those ready for the next step, though, I’d suggest A Show of Hands: A Cautionary Tale of Heroes in Exile. (pdf) A Show of Hands, a “graphic poem,” if you will, intertwines a certain "Star Spangled Patriot” with Rand’s prophetic tale. Why? Because, as the story, and today’s events remind us, “it is still a sin to write this.”

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