Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ayn Rand Sighting: "Sons of Ayn-archy?"

The Randian resurgence keeps on comin': "‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 spoilers: Jax gets into a whole new business"

 "Before we get into specifics when it comes to Tuesday’s all-new episode of “Sons of Anarchy,” we have to take a second to comment on just how phenomenal of an episode title “Orca Shrugged” really is. It has almost an Ayn Rand sort of feel to it thanks in part to the last word, and it is the sort of title that makes up want to know just what is going to be coming up next."

Never watched the show, myself, so I couldn't tell you a thing about it, but I  just may have to check this one out. And I don't know if the "anarchy" refers to a political anarchy, or the colloquial association with chaos. Either way, I do, however, have to imagine a minor "earthquake in Valhalla", given Rand's antipathy towards anarchism. (Oh well, even she couldn't get it all right...)

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  1. Never watched this show, but I have seen an occasional commercial for it. The name kind of irritates because, though I'm not an anarchist, I am sympathetic to political anarchy.

    The show somewhat reinforces the idea that if government were to be disbanded (anarchy), we'd all begin to rape, murder, and eat each other (and form motorcycle gangs). This is simply false.

    However, this falsehood, gives statists an argument for increased government control in the name of safety and security.