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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

David Harriman and the Dean

In "The Resignation of John McCaskey: The Facts" by Paul and Diana Hsieh at Noodlefood, David Harriman weighs in on "Anthemgate" with this: "In short, I ask you which is more believable--that Isaac Newton was fundementally confused about the difference between 'impetus' and 'momentum,' or that John McCaskey is confused about this issue?"

Hmmm...why does this sound familiar?

"But, I don't understand. Why do you want me to think that this is great architecture?" He pointed to a picture of the Parthenon.

"That," said the Dean, "is the Parthenon."

"So it is."

"I haven't the time to waste on silly questions."

"All right, then." Roark got up, he took a long ruler from the desk, he walked to the picture. "Shall I tell you what's wrong about it?"

"It's the Parthenon!" said the Dean.

"Yes, God damn it, the Parthenon!"

The ruler struck the glass over the picture.

I hope the irony isn't lost on Dean Harriman...